In order to submit the paper application that will begin the tour process you must sign onto your MySchools Account by December 2.     If you are in a District 3 school your school has the application but you still must go into your account. If you are in another type of school or have an address in District 3 please email us with that information.

image320x240Congratulations to our fearless leader, Ms Schwartz,
on being featured as The Principal of the Week….


ONLY CURRENT FOURTH GRADERS MAY APPLY.   We have a four year curriculum that depends on continuity.

To receive an interview and a tour we require:

  1.  Attendance/Punctuality – not to exceed twelve days combined
  2.  Completion of a two part application which will be sent to you
  3. Your understanding that the arts are required, including theater arts and evening shows as they are an integral part of the curriculum
  4. Your understanding that a two night, three day overnight is part of the required curriculum
  5. Request must be made by December 2, 2019.

Interview Process

Applicant spends a morning at The Center School

  1.  Classroom observation by variety of teachers – 25%
  • Personal interview with staff  member  – 25%
  • Notes from assigned student buddy about the applicant’s morning – 5%
  • Writing sample and math review given at school – 10%
  • Review of the application (see above) and the report as listed in My School – 35%