The mission of the School Leadership Team (SLT) of the Center School is to assist in the maintenance of our collaborative school culture by maintaining a structure for school-based decision making.

2021 – 2022 SLT Members

Co-Chair: Alex Bernstein

Co-Chair: Emily Rodkin

Secretary: Delia Veve

Mike Veve

Tekle Eckrich

Timothy Holst

Emily Rodkin

Rebecca Mackay Eastwood

Arinne Grauer

Principal: Elaine Schwartz

PTA Co-Presidents: Maria Garutti & Lisa Spinnell

April 13, 2021

The SLT discussed ways we can support the mental health of our students as we continue to learn in this Covid environment. We are looking into screening the film, Chasing Childhood. Also, for those of you who did not receive it, attached is the “Tips from Teachers” sheet for your students as they begin their third trimester.

Ms. Schwartz and the SLT offer this NYT article about middle schoolers and mental health:

As always, your child’s advisor is your first line of communication and a valuable resource. Please reach out to your child’s advisor if your child is having any issues or could use additional support. Encourage your kids to reach out to their advisors on their own if they are struggling in any way.

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