November 2021

Dear Center School Families, 

The children of Center School need YOU!  Our ANNUAL AUCTION/POTLUCK DINNER (to be hopefully held once again in person spring 2022) is our BIGGEST fundraiser of the year, but we can’t make it happen without your help.  

Our goal is ONE DONATION OR MORE per family. 

Here’s how you can get this done:

• What’s your favorite restaurant, bar or coffee shop? Ask for a gift card donation.

• Ask your hairstylist, barber or manicurist for a donation.

• Does your child participate in any afterschool activities? Ask them to donate a class.

• Do you have any connections in the entertainment industry? Think about how you can get them to contribute concert tickets, VIP experiences, etc.

• Do you know anyone in the fashion industry? Ask for a clothing donation or maybe they can donate some time with a personal stylist.

• Any hotel connections? Get them to donate a few nights or maybe a hotel package. Do you have a second home whereyou could donate a weekend stay?

• Know anyone who has season tickets to a sporting event? Maybe your company has seats?

• Broadway connections? Ask for theater tickets and maybe…it includes a meet and greet?

No donation is too big or too small.

Why should you help? Funds raised at the auction help pay for many of the things the DOE doesn’t cover that make the Center School such an amazing place: enrichment programs including the theater arts TACS program, smaller class size, teaching fellows, a computer teacher and much-needed school technology and supplies. So please help to ensure that our children continue to receive the highest quality education possible.

How do you donate? You don’t have to go to the business to ask for donations (although it’s often best). You can call or email them the link to the donor form:

Below is a sample letter you can give to businesses. We can also provide you with the letterhead or the word document. The Center School thanks YOU for your support!

Center School Auction Team,

Sara Bonin, Hallie Burton & Kathryn Poots

Please feel free to use the following letter to outreach to potential donors:

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