PTA Fundraising

The Center School PTA sponsors several fundraisers, such as the year-long pledge drive and the annual auction, to support:

  • the school computer specialist
  • urban fellows program (paying for 2 fabulous teachers annually)
  • books and supplies
  • outside speakers and educational events
  • debate club dues
  • participation in a nationally sponsored spelling bee, and,
  • teacher gifts and appreciation.

Center School Annual Pledge Drive

  • Donate by check made out to Center School PTA and mail it to The Center School, ATTN: PTA Treasurer, 100 West 84 St. Room 310, New York, NY 10024
  • Donate by Paypal by clicking the link below. Please consider adding an additional 3.5% to your donation to offset Paypal’s processing fees.

Many employers offer to match charitable contributions. If your employer participates in a matching gift program, please email our PTA treasurers at with the appropriate paperwork.


CS Auction

It is anticipated that CS will hold its annual auction in the spring. Please keep donations of tickets, gift cards, merchandise in mind!

Amazon Smile

  • (1) Go to
  • (2) Select “The PTA Association of the Center School” as your charity. 
  • (3) Confirm that “Supporting: The PTA Association of the Center School” appears at the top of your screen. (You only need to do it once; Amazon will remember your selection until you change it.)
  •  (4) Start shopping! 
  • For more information and detailed instructions, click  here.

To join the fundraising committee, email

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