For Students


When a student enters the school building, they should:

  • Complete a daily Health Screening form
  • Have a completed consent form for COVID-19 testing via their NYC Schools Account
  • Wear 2 masks
  • Bring a lunch or eat school lunch
  • Maintain social distancing rules
  • Be patient

COVID-19 Testing for Students: before returning to school, students must submit a consent form on their NYC Schools Account.

April 7, 2021

ULTIMATE FRISBEE!! Starting this Thursday, April 8th, Center School’s Ultimate Frisbee Club will begin meeting again! We will meet on Thursdays from 2:00 – 5:00 PM. Students in the JL cohort in the building can join immediately following the end of classes. Students in SBA cohort can maketheir way down to 83rd street after they finish their remote classes and still be a part of our club. In an effort to make our sessions as safe as possible, we will be practicing some safety measures. These will include: conducting all drills, meetings, and games outside requiring that students wear masks at all times, frequent hand sanitizing, a general effort to remain socially distanced when possible. That said, families should be aware that the sport of ultimate does involve participants being in close to proximity to one another for short intervals. We understand that some families may not be comfortable participating at this time. Students are welcome to join later if/when they are comfortable doing so. Excitedly, Mr. Walkup and Mr. Verdejo

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