PTA Meeting Agendas and Minutes

May 5, 2021 PTA BOARD MINUTES – Prepared by Richard Cohen, Secretary of the Board
  • 1.Meeting Called to Order at 6:30 by our Co-President
  • 2.Quorum Present
  • 3.April Board Minutes Approved without objection
  • 4. Principle’s Report
    • a.Parents to remind students to have the zoom camera on
    • b.Advisory Day a great success
    • c.Planning a real graduation this year
    • d.Math Tests Yesterday and Tomorrow e
    • .Cohorts switch off to be in school every other Monday
    • f.Ms. Schwartz thanked parents for the boxed lunches and chalk messages related to teacher appreciation week.
    • g.Uncertain when full, ordinary school will resume. Key point is when city announces o.k. to be within 3 ft.
    • h.No word yet on 5th grade admissions
  • 5. Treasury’s Report
    • a.Budget will be presented at June PTA meeting
    • b.Excess funds go to urban fellows, computer teacher, etc.
  • 6.Fundraising Report
    • a.Auction raised $61,000
    • b.Maria and team recognized for their great work
  • 7.Special Events a.Writer’s Night June 2. 7:00 P.M. after PTA meeting
  • 8.Racial Justice Committee a.Committee gave a short review of current activities such as training, booklets, Diversity and Inclusion and reminded everyone of the J.Woodson event tonight after PTA meeting.
  • 9.SLT Report
    • a.Chasing Childhood will be shown to Students the week of May 17. Will also be available for parents to see
    • b.Additional advisory outing in spring planned
  • 10.Nominating Committee
    • a.Call for candidates for next week’s Board meeting. All positions open. Most of current board to run again. All Co-spots also open.
  • 11.Announcements: a.School Closed May 13 and 31st.

Center School PTA Meeting Agenda June 2, 2021

•Welcome and Approval of May minutes

•PTA Executive Board Election

•Principal Report

•Treasury Report

•Parent Committee Updates

•SLT Update•Questions / Other Business

•Meeting Adjourned

•Writers’ Night following PTA meeting (7:30pm – different Zoom link)

Upcoming Important Dates/Reminders:

•June 2: Writers’ Night!! Zoom link can be found in event email or PTA mtg chat

•June 3: No School – Chancellor’s Day

•June 3 at 5pm: High school meeting for 7th grade parents (virtual)

•June 8: No School – Clerical Day

•June 9: 8th grade trip

•June 10: Incoming 5th grade orientation and 8th grade show (virtual)

•June 21: 8th grade in-person graduation, all students in attendance, 12:30 dismissal

•June 25: Last day of school!! 1pm dismissal

•Grab & Go lunches available at all public schools, 9am – 12pm•Don’t forget to activate and use your p-EBT cards. If you have not yet received your card(s),!contact the State using this!! P-EBT contact form!or by calling! 1-833-452-0096 Questions for the PTA executive board can be directed to

May 5, 2021 PTA Meeting Wrap-up

Dear families,

Thank you for joining us at last Wednesday’s PTA meeting. Here’s our May PTA meeting wrap-up:

Auction Update:

Thank you to everyone who contributed to Auction 2021! In case you missed Ms. Schwartz’ picking the raffle tickets, here are the lucky teacher raffle winners:

Ms. Schwartz (Principal for a Day) — CARLIN

Ms. Lopez and Berkery (Trip to Flushing for Dumplings & Shopping) — ORLANDO

Ms. Bellavance (Back to School Manicures) — AMALIA

Ms. Hade (High Line Trip w/ Lunch or Dessert) — LEAH V

Ms. Friedman (Picnic & Mushroom Foraging Trip) — HARLAN

Ms. Rodkin (Mani Pedi) — LULU

Mr. Veve (Chinatown Trip) — BELLA

Mr. Walkup and Verdejo (Afternoon of Sports) -– NELLY

Ms. Wing (Ice Cream Tour) -– LEIF

Mr. Holst (Ice Skating Trip to Chelsea Piers) -– SARANA

Mr. Holst (Movie and Pizza Party) -– LUCA

Mx. Embry (Bowling Trip) — MAE


PTA Elections

Elections for the PTA Executive board will be held at the June 2 PTA meeting.  All PTA positions are open, and terms run from July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022.  We are especially looking for parents interested in running for co-president, co-vice-president, or co-secretary. To nominate yourself or someone else, or to find out more information about the commitment involved, please email Lindsay Starr at by May 28.

PTA Survey

As a PTA board, we want to offer community events and speakers that best benefit our community as a whole.  We have created a PTA survey that will help us plan events for next year, with your needs and interests in mind. Please respond to the PTA survey by Friday, May 21, so we can have a better sense of what you are looking for.  Thank you for your participation!

Manhattan Youth After-school

The after-school program is back in-person! You can still sign your child up for both in-person and remote activities.  Activities include crafts, cooking, basketball, frisbee, volleyball, dungeons & dragons, theatre, and more.  You can register your child using this After School Spring Registration Link.

If you have questions, please email

Center School Committee on Racial Justice & Equity (CSCRJE)

·      Thank you to all who attended the conversation with Jacqueline Woodson and her daughter Toshi Widoff-Woodson. We are glad these conversations are insightful to so many and appreciative of all the wonderful feedback.

·      As discussed, the committee recommends you consider these two exceptional organizations to support:

· – Diverse Books

· – Books Beyond Bars

·      Be on the lookout for training opportunities recommended by the committee, a suggested summer reading list, and continued outreach efforts to ensure the Center School is representative of the community we serve and welcoming to all.

·      The next committee meeting will take place on Tuesday, May 18. 


The SLT continued to discuss ways we can support the mental health of our students. We will be screening the film Chasing Childhood the week of May 17.  Students will watch the film with their homerooms, and parents will receive a link to watch on their own that week. Stay tuned for information on a group viewing and discussion for parents. 

As always, your child’s advisor is your first line of communication and a valuable resource. Please reach out to your child’s advisor if your child is having any issues or could use additional support. Encourage your kids to reach out to their advisors on their own if they are struggling in any way.

Debate Team
For more information about the debate team, please email the debate coaches at

Special Events
Writer’s night will be held virtually, Wednesday, June 2
If you are a writer interested in reading your work, please email and to be on the roster. Otherwise save the date to hear readings from our talented CS community.  

Education Council Elections: Voting ends May 11

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the last day to vote in the Education Council Elections.

For the first time in history, parents will have the ability to make an impact in our school community by voting in the Education Council Elections.

To vote, log into your NYC Schools account at When you log in, you will find a list of councils you can vote for, as well as information about the candidates.

If you don’t have an account and want to vote, there is still time!    Click here to create your NYC Schools account.


A group of 5th graders is participating in a read-a-thon to encourage time off screen and to raise funds for City Harvest Food Drive for Kids.  If you are interested in participating, please contact parent David Porter at

Grab and Go Meals
Grab and Go meals are still available at all NYC schools, between 9 am and 12 pm Monday – Friday. No ID or registration is required. For more information, visit: https://

Pandemic EBT Cards

Every child in the NYC public school system should have received pandemic EBT cards with $420 in food benefits, representing the amount that would have been spent on universal free lunch last spring. If you did not receive your card(s), please contact the State using this P-EBT contact form or by calling 1-833-452-0096.  We urge all families to use your benefits card when you do your food shopping. Using the card at NYC greenmarkets gives you $2 in “health bucks” for every $5 you spend. If you do not need this money for food assistance, please consider donating the $420 value to West Side Campaign Against Hunger or other local food relief organizations.

**NEW: Be sure to keep your P-EBT cards, as 2020-2021 benefits should soon be added automatically!

Please remember to fill out the PTA survey and to consider running for a PTA board position for the 2021-22 school year.  Also, don’t forget that there is no school this Thursday, May 13, in celebration of Eid-al-Fitr.

We will see you at our final PTA meeting and writer’s night on June 2!

All the best,

Maria and Elise 

PTA co-presidents

Center School PTA Meeting Agenda April 7, 2021

  • Welcome and Approval of March minutes
  • Principal Report
  • Treasury Report
  • Manhattan Youth After School Update
  • Parent Committee Updates
  • SLT Update
  • Elections Update for 2021-22 School Year
  • Questions / Other Business
  • Meeting Adjourned

  • Upcoming Important Dates/Reminders:
  • April 7 – 23: Silent Auction
  • April 20: School Picture Day for John Lewis cohort
  • April 21: School Picture Day for Susan B Anthony cohort
  • April 22?: Bingo Night
  • May 5: Next General PTA Meeting; CSCRJE Event with Jacqueline Woodson
  • May 13: Eid al Fitr – School Closed
  • May 31: Memorial Day – School Closed
  • Grab & Go lunches available at all public schools, 9am – 12pm
  • Don’t forget to activate and use your p-EBT cards. If you have not yet received your card(s), contact the State using this P-EBT contact form or by calling 1-833-452-0096 Questions for the PTA executive board can be directed to

The Center School March 3, 2021 PTA Meeting Minutes

6:30 Meeting Called to Order. Quorum called to order. February Minutes are approved.

Principal Report.

Ms. Schwartz highlighted the following:

  1. Virtual tour for applicants commenced
  2. Hybrid school still open
  3. 8th Grade HS application a bit different this year.
  4. March 24th is Spring TACS Show.
  5. March 25th and March 26th Parent/Advisory Conferences.
  6. Ice Skating even a huge success. Kids had a great time.
  7. Parents will be updated as news comes in on State Tests.
  8. Plan is to do some outdoor things in April and May.

Treasury Report

  1. Expenses picked up a bit with school supplies as schools open.
  2. Ice Skating Trip contribution
  3. Covering Zoom expenses for Teachers
  4. Discussed distinctions between PTA Budget (e.g. computer teacher, urban fellows, parent programing, school supplies) vs. School Budget (mostly school trip)
  5. Approximately $180,000 raised; 65% participated. Matching gifts started.
  6. Fundraising—

i. Pledge Drive, Mini Auctions, community events being considered.

  1. Parent Committee Updates a. SpecialEvents—Virtual Writer’s Night—Tentatively Schedule for June2nd. b. Committee on Racial Justice and Equity—Next Meeting March 16th.
  2. Committee on Sibling Admissions

a. NotedMeetingtomorrownight

  1. SLT Update
    1. DiscussedTeacherTipsforfamiliestohelpremotelearnersandkids
    2. CoordinatingParentvolunteersforstudenttutoring
    3. Committee Racial Justice and Equity—possibility of adding reading list and projects for summer projects
  2. Questions / Other Business
    1. Thank you to Alyssa Cheng for helping with Center School Website
    2. Discussed Virtual drop off for Monday 9-9:30.
    3. March 24th Education forum. Noted Can still run for leadership seats.
    4. March 24th TAC Show
    5. Vacation March 29th—April 2nd with school resuming April 5th.
    6. April 7th Next Meeting with Ron Taffel coming.
    7. Grab and Go—9-12 everyday. Activate PEBT card.
    8. Kids received a PTA mask Meeting Adjourned 7:30

Minutes Prepared by Richard Cohen, Secretary of the Board

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