Turkey Drive


Please consider participating in the turkey drive. Each turkey costs $18.00. The Center School has for the last few years supplied up to 500 to 626 turkeys to the Drive and we hope, every year, to do even be’er. Last year, the remote year, we raised more than $11,274.00, an amazing contribution from a small school. We are very involved with this project. THE CENTER SCHOOL iniated the “schools should contribute drive to the West Side Campaign “and are proud of that.

In the past on one day – teachers and kids – brought bag lunch to school and contributed the money we would have spent to the turkey drive. We are doing that this coming Tuesday, November 9. If each advisory, advisor and kids, each found a way to buy one turkey, we would automatically have put about 260 turkey dinners on the tables that need them. And feel free to ask people to buy more than one turkey each.

Families can send a check or cash for any amount from $1.00 – $100.00 or more made out to Center School or West Side Campaign Against Hunger. You can bring your donation and be sure and let your homeroom teacher and your advisor know you did so you get credit. SO LET’S GET STARTED! Last year we sent money for 626 turkeys — a record high!

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