Gift Basket Raffle

Hey Center School,

We are delighted to announce that the Center School Basket Raffle is back. For those families who are newer to Center School, the Basket Raffle is a great fundraiser for the school—and you just might win a massive basket full of gift cards or chocolates or books!

This afternoon, your child should bring home a slip telling them what type of item they need to bring into school and give to their homeroom teacher by Wednesday, March 9. If they can’t find their slip, please see below for the homerooms and basket themes. And, really, no need to spend much when you purchase your item – even a little bit is appreciated. 😊

The Basket Raffle team will assemble baskets (one per homeroom) and you will be able to buy tickets ($1 per ticket) and try for a basket. Lots of people buy 10 or 20 tickets! Tickets will go home next Friday. The baskets will be on display at both TACS shows on March 17.At that time, you can pay for your tickets and select your basket choices.

Want to help? We need parents to help “run” the baskets before/after the TACS shows March 17. If you are able to help, please email the Basket Raffle coordinators, Carolyn and Margaret, and let us know. Feel free to reach out with any questions as well.


Carolyn Mackler

Margaret Gould


Homerooms and Basket themes

300 Gift cards

302 kitchen gadgets

304 Rainy day basket

306 bath products

308 Eco friendly cleaning products

318 Stationery

324 contemporary fiction and young adult literature

326 fancy chocolate/candy

328 school and office supplies

330 neighborhood gift cards

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