Basket Raffle

A reminder that the Center School Basket Raffle is happening next week! On Monday, your child was given a slip telling them what type of item they need to bring into school and give to their homeroom teacher. If they can’t find their slip, please see below for the homerooms and basket themes. No need to spend much when you purchase your item – even a little bit is appreciated.

We have extended the deadline for your child to bring in their Basket Raffle items to this Friday morning, March 11. The Basket Raffle team will be in school assembling the baskets that day.

A few of the amazing baskets will be on display at a PTA parent coffee in the courtyard next Monday March 14 from 8:40-9:40am – more info on that soon! Teachers will be popping down to say hello to parents as well. The baskets will also be on display at both TACS shows on March 17. At all of these times, you can pay for your tickets ($1 per ticket; bring cash or check) and select your basket choices.


Carolyn Mackler

Margaret Gould

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