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Thank you for joining us last night for the 5th grade Q&A and October PTA Meeting! We sent out the Q&A responses to our 5th grade families in a separate email. If you would like to receive a copy, please email thecenterschoolnyc@gmail.com.  

Did you know?
You can find all the PTA communications on our school website – thecenterschool.org on the homepage under “The Center School Updates”.

Upcoming Events:
Community Coffee in the Courtyard – November date to be scheduled shortly. Stay
tuned. We will host the coffee in the courtyard after drop-off, similar to our September coffee.
This Week at Center School: Halloween Party – Friday, October 28th
Students should bring canned food for donation and their costumes. Students will be dismissed at 3:00 pm on Friday.
Email Ms. Berkery with any questions.

Things you can do to help the school & PTA:
Our Pledge Drive and our Auction are our two largest fundraising events.

Each year, the PTA spends over $500 per child to support Center School’s programming, including but not limited to:

 Computer Teacher/Specialist
 Urban Fellows Program (paying for two of our fabulous teachers each year)
 Additional lockers so all students have access to one 
 New Computers for all teachers
 Dues and supplies for student programs, like Debate club and TACS
The Center School relies on our donations to fund essential programs that the
Department of Education budget does not. State and city budgets only meet the bare minimum of a public school’s needs, covering the salaries of teachers, staff and
We are asking ALL families to make a donation to our annual pledge drive. All
donations in any amount are greatly appreciated and make a positive impact on our
children’s educational experience. Every donation makes a difference – our goal is
100% participation! 

Our ANNUAL AUCTION/POTLUCK DINNER “Superheroes of the Center School”
(to be held once again in person spring 2023) is our BIGGEST fundraiser of the year,
but we cannot make it happen without your help.  
Our goal is TWO DONATIONS per family… And we are asking everyone to submit
their first donation before the winter holiday break in December.  
No donation is too big or too small!
How do you donate? You do not have to go to the business to ask for donations
(although it’s often best). You can call or email them the link to the online donor form.

Ways To Get Involved:
Interested in the Committee for Racial Justice and Equity? Please contact Ali Auth at aliauth@yahoo.com or Tari Coy @ Latarria@gmail.com

Important Note About Afterschool:
No Afterschool Program on November 3rd and 4th.

Mark Your Calendar – Important Dates:
 October 28: Halloween Party
 November 3 (regular dismissal time) and 4 (Noon dismissal): Family Conferences
 November 8 – Election Day: NO School
 November 11 – Veterans Day: NO School
 November 14 @ 6:30 pm: PTA Meeting
 November 24 & 25 – Thanksgiving Recess: NO School
 December 15: PTA Meeting & TACS Show
 January 23: PTA Meeting
 February 13: PTA Meeting
 March 16: PTA Meeting & TACS Show
 April 24: PTA Meeting
 May 22: PTA Meeting
 June 12: PTA Meeting

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