3/23 Basket Raffle – We need your help

One of the fundraising events we do annually every April at Center School is the Basket Raffle. 
It’s a great activity that involves everyone – teachers, students and families and it’s easy to execute and manage. Not to mention, it generates a lot of money that helps support our kids and their school. 
Our current Basket Raffle coordinator is unavailable to manage the event this year and her child is graduating this spring so we are looking for a new volunteer to manage the process. The good news is she is available to help assemble the baskets (as are the volunteers from last year). She is also available to help provide guidance on running the event. The coordinator is mainly responsible for communication and organizing the volunteers.
Ideally, we are looking for a candidate who has a 5th or 6th grade student and who could manage the fundraiser for the next few years. If you are interested in getting involved with this fundraiser or have any questions, please contact us at 

Centerschoolpta@gmail.com. Kindly,Sarah Courtemanche & Joshua Weinberger
Parent Volunteers
on behalf of The Center School

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